Whozhere -Best IOS App Of 2019

Whozhere App is the best App for IOS users i have come across recently. In this app you can easily monitor the location of your loved ones by adding them in the Trusted Contact section of the app.

The best part about it is that when I got stuck in middle of the road and i was seriously very scared but then I opened Whozhere App and checked who is near me and instantly from the App I just messaged one of my friend who was in the same location and he came just within 2 minutes and helped me. My car was not getting started and he then dropped me home safely. Thank god he also had the same App on his phone and i was able to take help from him.

I would recommend you all to download this Application and make it download on your family and friends phone, so that you stay connected with each other.

Link to download: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/whozhere/id1442752894?mt=8

Comment below if you like the app and found it useful. You need to get it download by everyone whom you want to stay connected with. Because the App only shows nearby people who have this App. So start downloading now.


Don’t Waste Them !!

By: Tanushree

Why to waste your tears on someone who doesn’t deserves it,

Just bleed your emotions on a peace of paper,

And forget it !!

Bus Stand !!

By: Tanushree

And he was standing there at the same bus stand, After 10 years,

She saw him and all the flashbacks hit her heart so hard,

That an undefined agony entered her soul,

She wanted to go and meet him,

But she was helpless,

She was confused whether he will recognize her or not?

And then a moment arises when she heard his voice,

Hey! Finally saw you,

I have been looking for you from past 2 days,

Just guessed may be you will be here!!

He took out a box from his pocket,

And guess what happened ?

It was a ring,

He kneeled down and said i know it took me 10 years to realise that you are the only one for me but I am here now,

Will you marry me?

She cried and kept on crying,

Then showed her phone to him,

It was their school farewell picture,

Which was her wallpaper from past 10 years.

It was a yes and finally the wait ended !!

Freedom !!

By :Tanushree

I want freedom from the fear of roaming alone at night in my own country,

I want freedom from the fear of being a women and getting hurt in a horrified way,

I want freedom from all the fear that comes automatically when a girl is born,

I want freedom from all the people who doesn’t know the actual meaning of WOMEN !

Can We??

By: Tanushree

It was her destiny to meet him,
It was her choice to become friends with him,

It was her heart who fall in love with his smile,
But it was the situations which tear them apart!!

She is still waiting,
Just one hug and they will be back again !!!