Never Underestimate !!


Underestimating someone’s caliber will never going to give you satisfaction,
Thinking you own the world, never going to make you richer.

You will be paid for your actions by god,
Don’t start thinking that you are in the place of god.

What he has given you, can be taken by him anytime,
If you can’t handle your success, you don’t deserve it for even a while.

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Miracle Of Life – Baby Girl !


Meeting you was the best thing happened in our life,
You make us smile, you make us wonder how cheerful is our life.

We were just living with an intention to make money all the time,
You have given us the beautiful reason to survive.

It’s you who has filled us with happiness,
You have given us everything, we were searching everywhere.

Your arrival has omitted everything that was so strenuous,
The bonding we shared has become more vigorous.

Thank you my daughter for everything you have given us,
We are blessed to have you in our life as a Miracle.

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Mine !!

Everyone in this world is born for a reason,

Loving you and making you smile is MINE !!

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Words !!


The story of a writer starts with words and end with words. 

The best thing about words are either they will make you fall in love or will teach you to hate !! 

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Rare and Real !!


Have you ever cherished the struggle life has introduced you with?
Have you ever loved the pain you felt during every step towards success?

If you have, then trust me that must be the moment you have realized,
That best things in life never comes by walking in the aisle of flowers,
You have to get scratched by thorns and fall in the artery filled with rocks,
To get what you want.

Fairy tales are rare , but struggle makes your life real !!

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Focus !!

Always focus on enhancing your strength and making yourself better, not on pondering that you are better !! 

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M I Still Alive ??


​So much of pain in my heart,

Makes me think twice that am I still alive.

So much of heartache can never let a person breath to survive.

Is it the pain or heartache that is making my life hell,

Or it’s the reason behind them that is giving birth to that hatred.

I just wanna ask myself only one question – 

           M I 

       Alive or 

  Just breathing !!

Reinvent !! 

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself !!
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We live every emotion at our home,
We take birth, we grow at our home.

We share every happiness with our home,
By decorating it in every happy occasion,
And leaving tears by banging our head on walls with pain.

Our home has seen and felt everything,
Have you ever heard some sounds when you are sad,
And alone in your home?

Well !! Sometimes home has a heartbeat.

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Risk Worth Taking !!


I have never involved myself into any thing that have even a little risk,
I have be running from the truth, just to ignore the risk that comes with life.

But when i met you, an unfamiliar feeling arrived in my heart,
That gave me pain and excitement together for a while.

I got the signal from the guru of love,
That you, only you are the one who is destined in my life.

Now I know that the only risk I am ready to take,
Is you and You !!

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It Hurts – You Won’t Understand !!


If I don’t say things that doesn’t means i don’t feel them,
I see, I ignore because I know saying would make things more complex.

If I don’t cry , If I don’t show my pain,
That doesn’t means I don’t get hurt.

I just don’t want my friendship to get spoiled,
Though I know someone else has taken my place in your life.

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Love Me Like You Do !!


I feel the spark in your eyes,
I feel the love in your heart.

I wish every day you embrace me in your arms,
I want you to touch me like you will always be mine.
It’s hard to resist your compassion,
It makes me want you more with affection.

The joy i feel lying on your shoulders,
Is the feeling of living in a dream world.

Hold me tight and make me feel the intensity of passionate love,
Show me how it feels when you give someone the right to touch your soul.

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