Another goodbye on my list,
Another session of sadness in my life.

A wave of agnoy is going through my soul,
A shadow who is giving me moments to cry,
Is following me every where.

Hope we all will meet one day to cherish the same old memories,
Which has brightened our heart with the most precious relationship –

                                           FRIENDSHIP !!

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Feeling the pain of being away from you,
Feeling the loneliness I never felt when I was near you.

Your witty smile, Your caring eyes,
Your fragnance, You touch.

Sometimes I feel you near me,
Sometimes I see you in my dreams.

I will be meeting you soon,
Because my sanity is breaking the walls,
And building the tomb of insanity.

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Don’t get too much connected with someone,
Don’t make your life depended on them.

They are visitors who will touch your soul,
And leave you behind with all those memories which will make you cry.

The faces, the intentions, the love,
Everything will change one day,
So why to pause your life for them,
Why to love them so much.

One day all you will have is broken heart and shattered soul,
With swollen eyes to make yourself fix again to live with joy again!!

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I am hungry for your love,
I am desperate to hold you in my arms.

My love for you is making me greedy,
I want you more every time I see you near me.

Now that you are not in my reach,
Now that I can’t touch you , I can’t feel you,
It’s getting hard to live without you.

My heart starts beating too fast when I see your name flashing on my phone,
My every nerve gets numb when I see your face in my phone.

I want to hold you tight,
I want to pull your cheeks,
I want to hug you to absorb your warmth inside me.

But I know it will take a lot of time to be that close to you,
I know you will be mine always, no matter I am too far from you.

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Living in hope is what we all do,
Breathing in peace is what all we pray for.

But what if we challenge our own peace,
What if we try to start doing something beyond everyone’s imagination.

It’s all about living the same life everyday,
Why not change it with a single step of courage,
Why not make your life different from others.

Life is too short to live with regrets and disappointments,
Lets make it more enticing and alluring,
It’s now or never,
And there is no rebirth to live it again.

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The fights, The sorry’s
The break ups, The make ups.

Looks so adorable and touch your heart,
The daily hiccups in a relation maintains the spark.

But I wonder how I will leave all these,
When my time will come and I have to leave everyone.

My heart pains when I think about this,
It’s not that I am scared of death,
It’s the people and their love which makes me sad.

The agony of life is that I can’t save myself or anyone lose to my heart from this rule of life,
I am scared that when I will die, I won’t be able to see them, hold them, touch them and laugh with them.

Anyways, It’s the end result of breathing,
It’s the restitution which we have to pay to live.

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