It’s not the duration of time that matters ,
It’s the moments which we cherish at that time matters the most.

Missing someone when you are lonely is not valuable,
Missing someone when you are sorrounded by people is what value the most.

Hoping to meet someone sitting at one place is waste of time,
Standing on your feet and trying every possible way to meet him is what means the most.

Hope people understand the difference between these feelings,
Because what you think to do and what you actually do is what makes you “YOU” !!



Why somebody come into your life just for few days?
Why they hold a special place when they have to go any day?

Why even we meet them, why we form an attachment?

Plenty of “WHY’s” But no answers to clarify.

It’s a Mystery that is never going to solve,
It’s a tricky question which can only be answered by god.

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I broke all my rules for you,
I stood in every moment with you.

Be it bad or good,
I was the one to support you.

I let you in my life,
To make it more beautiful.

Now it’s too hard to talk to you.

My heart is so tired by proving my love to you,
But you kept on blaming me for the moments that hurt you.

I was always loyal to you,
But you doubt my feelings for you.

Still Girl, I will love you till my last breath,
Because for me it’s not over until my death!

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You don’t even know it’s meaning.

That’s what you are.

It’s not about how advantageous a person is for you,
There is something call love and trust,
But obviously you are not aware of these words.

Now there is no use of crying on your own sins,
It’s time to feel the pain you gave to someone else,
It’s time to be in a position of betrayal and agony,
It’s time to get replayed for your own karma which you thought will never hurt you back.
It’s time for you to take out that “I am everything” from your mind,
Because you can’t be god.

So, pull yourself out from your mess and start working on your mistakes.

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I know when you feel like flying,
I hold you back and start fighting.

I know my only problem is I am not still ready for it,
I know you love me and want to stay with me forever,
But I am still little unsteady.

I am still wondering are we right for each other,
I am still considering reasons which can tear us apart.

May be I still need more time to accept my love for you,
May be I am not ready to settle at this moment.

I know these MAY BE and STILL is making you sick,
But I know you will hold on me,
Because you love me more than I love myself.

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Being someone’s weapon is so heartbreaking,
You never knew that you have been used for their fight.

You keep on thinking that they trust you,
You keep on believing that they love you.

You did everything they asked you to do,
You even give your heart to them.

But one day you realize that you were only one of their puppet,
Whom they used, just to live the moment.

The pain, The betrayal, You will feel,
Will never going to make you trust someone for rest of your life.

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The splash of happiness came into my life,
As a friend who taught me to live my life.

A girl whose spark always shine my soul,
Whose positivity spreads the joy of living with goal.

One day she insisted me to go out of my shell,
And explore something new that was waiting for me in the other end.

I came back with full of excitement to share my happiness with her,
The moment I entered she was lying on bed with lost hope and depression.

I took her name several times,
Make her move every time,
But I guess she was gone,
And given me her light to sparkle my life. 

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