By: Tanushree

I am not disappointed with the result that my hard work has given me,

I am definitely disappointed with the feel that there is no hope for me.


By : Tanushree

I was watching my husband kissing someone else,
But I never asked him the reason why he left me in pain.

I saw him holding her hands,
But I never asked him why he betrayed me when I never thought of someone else.

One day he ask me that he want a divorce,
I was happy somehow that he gathered the courage to let me know.

I loved him unconditionally,
But still his heart loved someone else,
I am happy for him, at least I got freedom from this pain.


My dreams, my patience, my will power,
One day I know everything is going to pay me back,
All my hard work, all my devotion is going to me the gift of success.

I am waiting for that day when I will show you people,
What it takes to be perfect,
I am waiting for that day when you will be surprised with the outcome of patience.