Freedom !!

By :Tanushree

I want freedom from the fear of roaming alone at night in my own country,

I want freedom from the fear of being a women and getting hurt in a horrified way,

I want freedom from all the fear that comes automatically when a girl is born,

I want freedom from all the people who doesn’t know the actual meaning of WOMEN !


Life Of Women

By : Tanushree

A life of a women is all about taking care of others,
But what she get in return , is not what they deserve,
Start taking care of your mom, wife, sister and even friend,
Because they do a lot and never show off.

I Am Woman !!


I m delicate, I am strong,
I am a forgiver, I am a lover.

You shout, i listen,
You ignore, i accept.

I m patient, i am a believer,
But, once my power to bear is over,
You will not find a person as heartless as me.


Photo Courtesy : Pinterest