Need Answers !

By: Tanushree

When you knew the fact,
Still got attached?

When you knew you will lose interest,
Why you showed love in your eyes?

When you knew your feelings can’t stick for long,
Why you knocked the door of my heart ?


Why Not?


Have you ever experienced that the person you trust the most, hurts you the most,
Have you ever felt that insecurity when your best friend comes into a relationship and forgets about you?

Why is it not possible to maintain all the relationships together?
Why is it not possible to love your best friend and your love together?

Why you have to choose to be with your love and sideline your friends forever?
Why you have to forget the love and care you shared with them, 
That was meant to last forever !!
Why!! Why!! Why!!

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest



One Life, Just one life we have,
There is no rebirth or a second chance.

Then why are we sitting and pushing ourselves in the crowd?
Why aren’t we running solely towards our dreams?

We are just that one decision away to change our life completely.
We are just few steps away to live that dream.

Then why are we hesitating to move forward?
Why are we scared to prove ourselves right?


Photo Courtesy : Pinterest