Bus Stand !!

By: Tanushree

And he was standing there at the same bus stand, After 10 years,

She saw him and all the flashbacks hit her heart so hard,

That an undefined agony entered her soul,

She wanted to go and meet him,

But she was helpless,

She was confused whether he will recognize her or not?

And then a moment arises when she heard his voice,

Hey! Finally saw you,

I have been looking for you from past 2 days,

Just guessed may be you will be here!!

He took out a box from his pocket,

And guess what happened ?

It was a ring,

He kneeled down and said i know it took me 10 years to realise that you are the only one for me but I am here now,

Will you marry me?

She cried and kept on crying,

Then showed her phone to him,

It was their school farewell picture,

Which was her wallpaper from past 10 years.

It was a yes and finally the wait ended !!


Guest Post – Neha Singh

By: Neha Singh

With him I was building a castle,
The heap of the good times structuring into doors, windows, sides, boundaries and walls.
His words and mine filling therein the voids.

And whenever, we be at odds, a part somewhere tumbel down, later mended with apologies, leaving some marks behind, to vanish with time.

Though the castle was strong,
a day I woke up to see it gone, a giant wave reason for the fall.
There were remains, the wave didn’t took all.
Remains, I tried to build it again.

Slowly Slowly I reached somewhere, I made some.
No doubt the whole will take time but one day it’ll be done.

I’ve tried and mend some, words and apologies.
Voids, there are still. words are all they need to get done and each time the wave come, laughingly questions,
When will he come? Will he come?