It takes time !

By : Tanushree

Why so serious?

Time heals every pain !


The Time I Met You !

By : Tanushree

I met you at the loneliest time of my life,
You gave me the reason to survive.

From holding my hands to hugging me tight,
I thank you for making me realise that I can again smile !

Never Ending Regret


M I a stone or just an ignorant soul?

M I a warrior or just a survivor?

In the search of my spirit’s peace,

In the search of something that keeps my heartbeat.

Life has taken so much from me without even giving a hint,

Now I feel my emptiness without even trying to fix it.

There are no antidotes to save me from this pain,

I have lost the time I could used to flourish my life with gain.

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest