Mermaid !!

By : Tanushree

Who Am I?

I am a mermaid soul, who loves to live in her own dream world with no agony and no commitment!


Kills Me !!

By : Tanushree

It kills me the most ,
When you still say that I don’t understand you !!

Need Answers !

By: Tanushree

When you knew the fact,
Still got attached?

When you knew you will lose interest,
Why you showed love in your eyes?

When you knew your feelings can’t stick for long,
Why you knocked the door of my heart ?

Husband 😉

By : Tanushree

Dear husband,
I know we fight,
I know we ignore sometime,
But yes the feel your smile give me,
That satisfaction your hug make me feel,
No one can take that place,
We are different but still soulmates !!