It takes time !

By : Tanushree

Why so serious?

Time heals every pain !


Blank Space !!

By : Tanushree

I still have a blank space in my heart but I will never write your name.

Because you were right!!
No one can be your friend for a longer period of time.

Either you broke the bond or the person’s heart.
Either you take all his love and run away or you take his soul and let him die anyway.

Stay away from people who cares for you,
Because they are not stupid to fall for you.

One day you will realize,
The things you did is beyond the level of tolerance,
And that day you will start hating yourself.

A Heart That Broke Without A Note !

By : Tanushree

I was watching my husband kissing someone else,
But I never asked him the reason why he left me in pain.

I saw him holding her hands,
But I never asked him why he betrayed me when I never thought of someone else.

One day he ask me that he want a divorce,
I was happy somehow that he gathered the courage to let me know.

I loved him unconditionally,
But still his heart loved someone else,
I am happy for him, at least I got freedom from this pain.