Let’s Feel The Fire!

By : Tanushree

She was running away from the fire,
She was trying to save her feelings from disaster,
But what is planned for you,
you can’t change it,
Destiny has played his role,
And now you just have to accept it.

It’s time not to hold it back,
it’s time to invite the fire and get burned as planned.


I Choose ME !!


I am confident,

I am joyful.

I love to live my life on my own terms.

I do parties,

I believe in accepting the pain with smile.

I laugh on my own jokes,

I even laugh over the jokes made on me.

But i have a heart,

I have feelings too.

I was also injected with emotions by god when born.

Being a girl who always smile,

Doesn’t mean i don’t have a heart that cry.

Being a woman that enjoy life,

Doesn’t mean i have no principles.

I have dreams,

I have emotions,

I love to be in love,

I feel the pain.

But, yes i am a woman who choose to be herself without caring about the

Challenges that i have to face.

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest