Husband 😉

By : Tanushree

Dear husband,
I know we fight,
I know we ignore sometime,
But yes the feel your smile give me,
That satisfaction your hug make me feel,
No one can take that place,
We are different but still soulmates !!


Unexpected Love !!


It was not my idea to get married to you,
It was not my decision to be wih you.

My parents told me you are best for me,
My heart was still confused to beleive that you are the one for me.

Holding your hands while taking the vows,
I felt that spark in my heart which made me smile for a while.

It was the indication that the love I always wanted for me is you,
It was the feeling of happiness that gave me the sign of joy with you.

Thank you for coming in my life like a hurrican of love,
Thank you for making me feel the beauty of living life with someone you love.

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Heart Scattered Like Dust


You gave a relationship i always waited for,
You made me feel like i m the one you have always waited for.

Now that we are in a never breaking tie of marriage,
Now you are acting like i am a nobody in your life’s pilgrimage.

Yes i know you have a heart, yes i know you feel love every time,
But it just hasn’t been mine in a very long time.

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How Much Is Enough ?

She has given him her life,
She accepted the proposal of being his beloved wife.

Her dream of spending a gorgeous life with the one she love was coming true,
She was more than happy to be the part of his family’s crew.

She entered and showered all the love she accumulated for them,
She was the most loveable person in the world any one could have.

Days passes and she flourished there life with bliss,
But what she received an awful conduct which was not at all amiss.

Instead of receiving an all time dreadful response from them,
She still tried hard to lighten their heart with her love flame.

Her drunkard husband beaten her to stress out from his own problems,
All she said was “how much is enough” to spend a peaceful life in this condominium.

By : Tanushree

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A Sad Demise

She always fascinated about her wedding. She loved the feeling of getting married, being loved by someone, having kids. A perfect life – loving fiancĂ©e, supportive parent, a great job. She almost had every happiness, she dreamed of. Now, it was the time to fulfil her utmost dream i.e admiring herself as a bride. Well, god was so kind to her that her wedding day arrived soon. She was looking like a diva. Gorgeous red color lehanga was looking so bright on her. Her fair complexion was complementing her traditional attire and glittering eyes was depicting her happiness. The candle lights all over the wedding hall created a vibrant ambience. While she was walking towards the ceremony area, she just wanted to do a little touch up. So, she went to the girls room to check on her makeup. On the way to the girls room there were candles all over the floor to enhance the look of the bride and groom and unfortunately her veil catches the fire. The material of her bridal attire was such that it got burned in a few minutes. Everybody rushes towards her and done all the remedies to extinguish the fire.

She was sent to the hospital, but it was too late. Her dream of adoring her life with kids and husband got parched with the fire. She died with an unfulfilled dream of her life.

By : Tanushree

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Are Marriages Really Made In Heaven?

It is said that marriage is the most divine relationship on earth,

Is it so?

Well, some will agree and some will not,

Basically, it depends on the bonding you share with your better half.

If your better half gives you respect, treats you well and give you all the happiness you deserve, than yes, that relationship is truly made in heaven.

But there are so many couples who have to bear ignorance, pride, hatred and even violence and still they are living together and spending horrible days and frightful nights with each other.

Now the question arises, Why?

Is it the family pressure or one of them cannot support his/her needs to survive?
What is it? That is, holding them together when they don’t even want to feel their existence?

Well, there are no answers to these questions. Only couples who have to carry this burden can understand the reasons and the pain of living together without even loving each other.

Not every person on this earth is born so lucky to enjoy everything they wish to have in their journey of life. Only few get the opportunity to cherish the most beautiful relationship of marriage.

Trust me, soul mates do exist, but not every couple can find that bonding and attachment in their relationship and if your relationship is hurting you and degrading your existence than it’s better to solve your difference and start a new life with new hopes and fresh smiles.

There is no use of dragging a relationship that does not have any love, care and respect for each other. But never take such a life turning decision just on one go, try to give it another chance and you never know, you may find that zing, you always waited for.

Well said by someone: Hope is the only thing, Stronger than fear

By : Tanushree

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