Realization !!

By: Tanushree

The day I knew I have to go is the day I realized How much I love you. !!


Want To Vanish!!

By : Tanushree

She tried once and failed,
She tried again and failed,
She kept on trying to save her relationship,
And in the fight of saving him,
She lost herself.

Now the pain doesn’t feel,
Now the tears are dried,
Now the brain has hold the heart,
Now the love has gone with those vows!!

The Unexploded Thunder

By : Tanushree

I don’t know you anymore,
I don’t feel you anymore,
It’s like two strangers living together,
With an emotions that will going to give birth to a thunder,
I want to know you again,
I want to be in your arms again,
Some rumble is holding us back,
Let’s explode and get back to that missing love we had.