I am My Best Companion !

By : Tanushree

Loneliness is a state of being where you need to forget the people who never cared and start enjoying your own company !!


Why You Came To Go?

By : Tanushree

She wasn’t looking for him,
She wasn’t thinking to get into this love,
But he entered into her life, like an unexpected dew drop in the most dry day.

On One bright day her heart was trying to add words in her mouth,
And those words were:

Hey love! where are you going?
Now that you are on my mind all the time,
Now more than you, I need your love,
I wasn’t waiting for you,
But you passed by,
And now I am liking your fragnance,
Now I am loving your smile,
Now I am liking myself with you,
Now that I am into you,
Now you need to go,
Breaking my heart,
Shattering my soul,
Leaving me all alone.

She shut her mind,
And told her soul,
He was not meant for you that’s the reason he is not with you!


Love For Loneliness !!


Being alone is not scary,
Being alone is not threatening.

Being alone has a power,
To explore the traits you have but never noticed.

Being alone has a strength,
That makes you believe that –
“ You were born alone, to face your fears alone”

Being alone not gives you depression,
It gives the chance to meet your real self.

Being alone gives you the peace that only few people can understand.

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What seems forever was just a moment?

Loving someone from the day you started feeling your breath is eternal. They were the childhood lovers. Playing, eating, going school, enjoying college. They did it all together, they were living a life, every person on earth who loves to be in love would wish for.

Time was passing by and their heart was getting filled with more love and care for each other. One day this charming boy planned a movie and he called her and told her the time and place. She was all set to go and meet him and enjoy the movie. She was looking very pretty, white short dress makes her look like a fairy princess. He was waiting outside the hall to meet her.

She was almost there, just two blocks away from the destination. She was all happy and excited, she was just crossing the road and this big SUV hit her with full speed. He just saw the rush and moved to the accident area and what he saw broken him completely, it was her love. Her white dress was no whiter; it was all covered with her blood, and judging the amount of blood loss, it was inconceivable that she may have survived. He instantly calls the ambulance and took her to the hospital. Doctor examined her and told him to call her parents. He asks doctor that is she fine? Doctor did not answer, just told her to call her parents. He did that, her parents arrived in no time and met the doctor. He saw that after meeting the doctor her mother started crying and her father was consoling her. He went to them and asked her father, what did the doctor said? Is she ohkay? Her father replied – son, she is gone, she left us all.

He was shattered and felt his nerves were shrinking and heart was beating too fast. His tears busted out and he cried like a baby. He never thought that there will be a time when he has to experience this. He never thought that he has to live his life without her. He thought it was forever and they will be together till eternity. Every moment he lived with her was unforgettable and he will never be able to forget her. Life is very unpredictable, you think it is forever and life gives you a shock. So be happy and cherish each moment you get to spend with your loved ones.

By : Tanushree

Picture Courtesy : Rishabh Bhardwaj

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An Emotional Turmoil


A walk on a lonely road,
With my fear and my sear.
Awaiting for a spark to explode my tears.

My buried emotions are trying to appear,
Wanted to express it all with glare.

The time is playing with my luck,
Is this my life which lord has pluck?

Where to go, whom to ask,
This loneliness is my companion for years.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Sidhant Sahni (Insta : @sidhantsahni)

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