M I Still Alive ??


​So much of pain in my heart,

Makes me think twice that am I still alive.

So much of heartache can never let a person breath to survive.

Is it the pain or heartache that is making my life hell,

Or it’s the reason behind them that is giving birth to that hatred.

I just wanna ask myself only one question – 

           M I 

       Alive or 

  Just breathing !!


Know You Are Worthy !!


You must have heard plenty of times,
That you are fluffy.

You must have heard this plethora of times,
You need to work on your fluffiness.

Have you ever head that you are the most gorgeous woman i have seen?
Have you ever heard that you are so worthy?

If yes,
Then he is the one for you.

Who will love you the way you are,
And won’t disgrace your personality.

Be proud of what you have,
Be free from all the prejudices.

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Purpose Of Life !!


I am just a dreamer,
I am just a Thinker.

I want something different from my life,
I want something that my heart desires.

I know it will take sometime,
I know it will take all of mine.

But i will never give up,
Because it’s me who want to shine,
It’s me who not just want to survive.

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Painful Experience !!

Don’t know why it still haunts me,
Don’t know why it still gives me that pain.

You are gone but i can still feel that hatred,
You are gone but still i can feel the torture you gave.

How will i overcome this memory of pain,
How will i be happy in my life with someone else.

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