Stand For Yourself


I Don’t Want To Loose Hope !!


Loneliness with sadness is what haunting me today,
It’s hard to believe that I am feeling like a mess.

Whatever I am trying, it’s giving me hard time,
I don’t know If i will be able to shine.

Help me god to bear this pain of failure,
I don’t want to loose hope,
Please Hold my hand and give me some hope.

Photo Courtesy : Pexels


Broken Pieces Of Hope !!


I wanted to fly,
I wanted to reach the sky.

But now I am loosing every hope,
I am getting devastated and there is no way to cope.

Moving ahead with a broken lantern of dreams is not easy for me,
Embracing my soul in a sheet of empathy breaking my morale to stand again for my dreams.

Photo Courtesy : Google

Loneliness – My New Hobby !!


Waiting for you has become main part of my life,
Sitting alone and thinking of you is my new hobby for life .

Hoping that you will spare some time for me,
Hoping that soon i don’t have to be lonely.

Broken inside and smiling all the time,
Has become my speciality.

Hope has become my best friend,
When you left me handle all my emotions solely.

Photo Courtesy : Google