Pull Me Out!!

By : Tanushree

Sinking so deep,
Can’t find a way to come out from the lagoon of choice I made and memories I have saved!


Is It An Infatuation?

By : Tanushree

Loneliness created their relationship,
They fell in love with their friendship,
Now is the time of confusion,
Whether it’s love or just an infatuation!

Don’t Wake Me Up !!

By: Tanushree

My pain is not as bigger as my friendship with you,
You may keep on dagging my back with a knife of betrayal,
But I will keep on bearing it till the time I am not shattered completely.

But the day my stamina will give up,
Is the day your worst time will start.

Value It Or Forget It!

By: Tanushree

If your friends doesn’t value your time or care towards them,
Then it’s not even a glimpse of friendship,
Its just everyone is scared to be lonely,
So they make you a part of there daily routine,
But there is no love or care that they feel for you,
It’s just fake smile and gesture of love that makes you feel happy.

Indomitable Feelings

By : Tanushree

I know you are not wrong,
I know I get emotional,
I know nobody has time to waste on someone.

I know some people get too much attached,
I know it’s there fault to love the people around them.

I have always received too much love and care,
And if people whom I give so much love,
leave me alone,I feel shattered,
A wave of agony touch my soul,
And my tears flows like tsunami in the sea shore.

Life Goes On !!


Another goodbye on my list,
Another session of sadness in my life.

A wave of agnoy is going through my soul,
A shadow who is giving me moments to cry,
Is following me every where.

Hope we all will meet one day to cherish the same old memories,
Which has brightened our heart with the most precious relationship –

                                           FRIENDSHIP !!

Photo Courtesy : Google

Flickering Light !!


The splash of happiness came into my life,
As a friend who taught me to live my life.

A girl whose spark always shine my soul,
Whose positivity spreads the joy of living with goal.

One day she insisted me to go out of my shell,
And explore something new that was waiting for me in the other end.

I came back with full of excitement to share my happiness with her,
The moment I entered she was lying on bed with lost hope and depression.

I took her name several times,
Make her move every time,
But I guess she was gone,
And given me her light to sparkle my life. 

Photo Courtesy : Google