Pull Me Out!!

By : Tanushree

Sinking so deep,
Can’t find a way to come out from the lagoon of choice I made and memories I have saved!


Value It Or Forget It!

By: Tanushree

If your friends doesn’t value your time or care towards them,
Then it’s not even a glimpse of friendship,
Its just everyone is scared to be lonely,
So they make you a part of there daily routine,
But there is no love or care that they feel for you,
It’s just fake smile and gesture of love that makes you feel happy.

When I’ll Die !


The fights, The sorry’s
The break ups, The make ups.

Looks so adorable and touch your heart,
The daily hiccups in a relation maintains the spark.

But I wonder how I will leave all these,
When my time will come and I have to leave everyone.

My heart pains when I think about this,
It’s not that I am scared of death,
It’s the people and their love which makes me sad.

The agony of life is that I can’t save myself or anyone lose to my heart from this rule of life,
I am scared that when I will die, I won’t be able to see them, hold them, touch them and laugh with them.

Anyways, It’s the end result of breathing,
It’s the restitution which we have to pay to live.

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Cherish Love !!



Sometimes we get so much engrossed in the search of success,
That we totally sideline the fact of time running out from our hands.

We think we have plenty of time to spend with our loved ones,
We think this is the time to only focus on earning a lot,
But time and tide wait for none,
And so do the cycle of life.

So inspite of waiting for the right time,
We should spare some moments to cherish love,
We should make some time to cherish the care,
We should hold the hands of our loved ones to make them feel special.

It’s Now or Never !!

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For My Existence !!


The place I was born,
Is the place I love the most.

The love I have received will be missed forever.

I know I need to think positive,
And fulfill my life’s dream.

It will be so hard,
To leave the place, where I learned to survive.

It will be so hard to leave my family,
Who has given me the love that made me a better person in life.

How will I live without my friends,
How will be my day without hugging the love of my life.

All these thoughts are making me insane.

But I have to make my family and friends proud,
I have to give my existence a meaning that will make me feel so alive.

Photo Courtesy : Sanchit Arora

Hard To Say Good Bye !!


You were the best decision i have taken,
You taught me many things i can’t even tell.

You made me cry, you made me angry,
Still you are one of my closest gem.

I will miss you every time and will hope you will be fine,
Your crazy activities will be remembered and will surely make my heart cry.

Your adorable smile and cool style,
Will be missed by everyone in this cube for life.

Hope you will fulfill your dreams,
Just wanna tell you that you have given me something very close to me.

The path to know what i am,
The spark for writing that was hidden somewhere inside my head.

I love you and will miss you forever,
Hope we will be in touch till the time you remember.

Photo Courtesy : Tanushree