Freedom !!

By :Tanushree

I want freedom from the fear of roaming alone at night in my own country,

I want freedom from the fear of being a women and getting hurt in a horrified way,

I want freedom from all the fear that comes automatically when a girl is born,

I want freedom from all the people who doesn’t know the actual meaning of WOMEN !


Emancipation !!


I know one day ,You will come back
And that will be the day of my emancipation !!

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I Choose ME !!


I am confident,

I am joyful.

I love to live my life on my own terms.

I do parties,

I believe in accepting the pain with smile.

I laugh on my own jokes,

I even laugh over the jokes made on me.

But i have a heart,

I have feelings too.

I was also injected with emotions by god when born.

Being a girl who always smile,

Doesn’t mean i don’t have a heart that cry.

Being a woman that enjoy life,

Doesn’t mean i have no principles.

I have dreams,

I have emotions,

I love to be in love,

I feel the pain.

But, yes i am a woman who choose to be herself without caring about the

Challenges that i have to face.

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