I Am Woman !!


I m delicate, I am strong,
I am a forgiver, I am a lover.

You shout, i listen,
You ignore, i accept.

I m patient, i am a believer,
But, once my power to bear is over,
You will not find a person as heartless as me.


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Life is too short to stay in one place,
Life is tough to keep smiling all day.

We won’t be living forever,
So make it, shake it and drink every flavor of your existence.

It’s a one way journey,
With no second birth.

Give your life a never ending adventure,
Live it, like it’s the last day in your life’s venture.

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An Ode To Mom

I was a little embryo in the lost world of your womb.

I heard you smile, I heard you cry,
I felt your pain, I enjoyed your joy.

I loved the warmth of your skin,
I loved the aroma that makes me feel kin.

You did everything I always wished,
You gave me the care I needed to flourish.

I promise to give you all the happiness,
I promise to fill your life with liveliness.

Mother, you are the only precious thing in my life,
You are the only reason for which i wish to survive.

By : Tanushree

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You Deserve LOVE !!


Why is it hurting so deeply?
Why is it paining so profoundly?

Why did you fill my heart with trust?
Why did you broken me into pieces like a shattered minaret?

I will never be able to love again?
I will never be able to hope again?

My soul will become a silent night with no waves of smile.

Give me the reason to compose a fresh music of my heart,
Give me the pleasure to wake up in the morning with a laugh.

My spirit is giving an agonized cry,
Hug me tight and make my sorrow fly.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Rishabh Bhardwaj

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