Thinking Out Loud!

By : Tanushree

Thinking out loud,
Can you hear my mind?

Thinking out loud,
Can you hear the unsaid words I mean?

Thinking out loud,
Just to convey the message I would never be able to say,

Can you please hear the voice of my heart?
Because I am too scared to say!


To Hold It Or Let It Go – LIFE

By : Tanushree

Life is so unpredictable,
When you think it’s on your side,
You get a punch on your face.

Life is full of agony,
When you plan your move,
It gives a twist to make you see the other side of misery.

But you have to stay strong,
Hold your breath and see other prospect.

There is no road designed to go back,
When you have dreams in your eyes and spark on your face.

You Still Care !!


You said you never loved him,

Then why do you always talk about him?

You said you don’t want to listen his name,

Then why in every conversation you bring his name.

If you still think about him,

If you still talk about him,

You still care about him.

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Shattered Soul !


Let me gather broken pieces of my soul,
Let me try to stand on my feet to feel that hollow.

Give me some time to kick start my mind,
Give me some time to make myself alive.

Don’t throw the burden of questions on my mind,
I am still in the trauma that scattered my life !!

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