Dear Heart!

By : Tanushree

Dear heart,

Guess who has broken you like no one did?

The one who use to claim that he cant sleep without seeing your face !


Life Is Predictable !!

By : Tanushree

Life is so predictable
When you are happy, you are surely going to get a hit from life.

When you plan something, you are going to get ditched at the same time.

When you love someone so deeply, you are surely going to get the same reply, I need time.

Who says it’s unpredictable?
Every happiness in life comes to you when your face is swollen with the punches of life.

It’s Always A Good Time To Try Again !


It’s never too late to chase your dreams,
It’s never too late to become one you always wished.

If you try every time you fail,
It may give you a sense of pain,
but when you will reach the sky,
It will make you feel the worth of that pain.

Sometimes happy feeling is not going to give you what you want,
Sometimes it’s agony that boost your morale.

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