Age Is Just A Number !!


Everyone can act mature after the age of 30, but not all have the courage to spread naughtiness around them.

Be You, Be Naughty – Age is just a number !!     b6595be946a63cbd8be956cf75fea16c


The Silence Of Mourning !!


Rip my heart,
Crush my soul.

This is the best thing you can do.

Shatter my soul,
Break my dreams.

This is the only wish for me.

Tear me apart,
Send me to the devil’s dome.

This is my suffering to love you from my soul.

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The Love Song !!


You are my strength,
You are my reason to survive.

You are my poetry,
You are the music of my life.

My every moment becomes special,
When i am in your arms.

My heart sings a love song,
When you kiss me with that spark.

I am so lucky to have the love of my life,
I am so blessed to have someone who lives to see my smile.

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Hard To Say Good Bye !!


You were the best decision i have taken,
You taught me many things i can’t even tell.

You made me cry, you made me angry,
Still you are one of my closest gem.

I will miss you every time and will hope you will be fine,
Your crazy activities will be remembered and will surely make my heart cry.

Your adorable smile and cool style,
Will be missed by everyone in this cube for life.

Hope you will fulfill your dreams,
Just wanna tell you that you have given me something very close to me.

The path to know what i am,
The spark for writing that was hidden somewhere inside my head.

I love you and will miss you forever,
Hope we will be in touch till the time you remember.

Photo Courtesy : Tanushree