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“Fall in love with some activity,

and do it! Nobody ever figures out what life is

all about, and it doesn’t matter. Explore the world. Nearly

everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.

Work as hard and as much as you want to on the things you like

to do the best. Don’t think about what you want to be, but what

you want to do. Keep up some kind of a minimum with

other things so that society doesn’t stop you

from doing anything at all.”

– Richard Feynman

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The Final Good Bye

Knock knock !! Hey mom, good to see you after such a long time. Mom ? Are you listening to me? What are you searching? I’m talking to you.Are you going to ignore me now for not coming to meet you from past 3 years?I was busy with work, you know how it goes. Mom? Why are closing the door?I am standing right here in front of you. Can’t you see me?

Second time – knock knock!!

Mom? Enough now. You are scaring me. Are you ohkay? No reaction again. Now, he was worried that is her mother is doing some prank or she can’t see him. After a few hours while he was sitting near the door, he saw his father coming and crying like hell. He got tensed and tried to talk to him. But same no response. Then some how he managed to go inside the house. There was his father telling his mother that our son died in a road accident. We have to go for his cremation. I have done everything. You just have to come with me. He was amused as he was standing near to his father and shouting what are you saying. I’m alive and standing right next to you dad. He went to the cremation to see what was going wrong. He was still thinking that his parents are punishing him by doing such prank. But when he saw the person lying in the coffin. His nerves got stuck and his heart stopped for a moment. It was him.

Then he realized that God gave him the last chance to see his family before saying final good bye to his body and soul.

By : Tanushree

Picture Courtesy : Google

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For The Love Of Writing

Yes that’s the reason why we write. Writing is the most powerful medium to express your  unspoken feelings !!

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Vishakha 

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Drop Of Rain

A drop of love is enough to heal drought land of heart !! 

Photo courtesy : Sidhant Sahni ( insta : @sidhantsahni)

A Sad Demise

She always fascinated about her wedding. She loved the feeling of getting married, being loved by someone, having kids. A perfect life – loving fiancée, supportive parent, a great job. She almost had every happiness, she dreamed of. Now, it was the time to fulfil her utmost dream i.e admiring herself as a bride. Well, god was so kind to her that her wedding day arrived soon. She was looking like a diva. Gorgeous red color lehanga was looking so bright on her. Her fair complexion was complementing her traditional attire and glittering eyes was depicting her happiness. The candle lights all over the wedding hall created a vibrant ambience. While she was walking towards the ceremony area, she just wanted to do a little touch up. So, she went to the girls room to check on her makeup. On the way to the girls room there were candles all over the floor to enhance the look of the bride and groom and unfortunately her veil catches the fire. The material of her bridal attire was such that it got burned in a few minutes. Everybody rushes towards her and done all the remedies to extinguish the fire.

She was sent to the hospital, but it was too late. Her dream of adoring her life with kids and husband got parched with the fire. She died with an unfulfilled dream of her life.

By : Tanushree

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An Ode To Mom

I was a little embryo in the lost world of your womb.

I heard you smile, I heard you cry,
I felt your pain, I enjoyed your joy.

I loved the warmth of your skin,
I loved the aroma that makes me feel kin.

You did everything I always wished,
You gave me the care I needed to flourish.

I promise to give you all the happiness,
I promise to fill your life with liveliness.

Mother, you are the only precious thing in my life,
You are the only reason for which i wish to survive.

By : Tanushree

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Sunset gives you the aspiration of a glistening tomorrow !!

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Sanchit Arora

A Musical Love Story

They met in the gust of music, trying to fill the world with melodies. Their main drive was to make the passion of music their life. Same determination and same love – MUSIC. There was no space left in their hearts for any other emotion, just the conviction to convert their dream into reality. On one bright day, he was playing a tune on saxophone and suddenly her heart felt the sentiment attached to that tune. She turned around to see who was playing that tune and that was the first time she saw him.

A tall boy with great personality was effortlessly playing that heartwarming tune in saxophone. It was something that deeply moved her soul and she felt the “Love at First Sight” sentiment. She approached him and told him that his tune was amazing and she was so much touched. He liked the appreciation and you won’t believe that gorgeous girl was his all time crush. And she got to know this when he acknowledged her guitar skills. That moment was the moment of love and affection. It was the beginning of never ending love story which was created by MUSIC. Their love for music made them fall in love with each other. Without wasting a single moment the boy expressed his love to her and dedicates a tune that moved every string of her heart and guess what? She said “YES”. It was just perfect.

Music can give your mind the peace it needs and give your heart the joy it requires.

By : Tanushree

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Life Without “The One”


My presence hurts you,
My existence in your life remorse you.

One day you will feel the absence of care,
One day you will miss the life we shared.

You think it’s only me, who wants to be with you,
You think it’s only me, who cannot live without you.

There will be a time, you will urge for my companionship,
There will be a time, you will do anything to relive the feel of relationship.

The room for your love in my heart is now filled with fury,
The only thing you left for me is a life replete with misery.

By : Tanushree

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New Beginning

When you want to plan the direction of your life, Isolation is the key to unlock the doors of the dawn !! 

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Divya Bisht

You Deserve LOVE !!


Why is it hurting so deeply?
Why is it paining so profoundly?

Why did you fill my heart with trust?
Why did you broken me into pieces like a shattered minaret?

I will never be able to love again?
I will never be able to hope again?

My soul will become a silent night with no waves of smile.

Give me the reason to compose a fresh music of my heart,
Give me the pleasure to wake up in the morning with a laugh.

My spirit is giving an agonized cry,
Hug me tight and make my sorrow fly.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Rishabh Bhardwaj

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Why M I Alive?

The deep silence of my mind is provoking my heart,
There is something I’m trying to find.

Is that my endurance or the voice of my soul?
Is that my dignity or the meaning of my aliveness?

The reason I’m breathing,
The reason I’m born.

Is that to please someone?
Or gift my life a purpose to survive.

Deep down I’m fighting with my own spirit,
Whether to break all the walls of my resilience,
Or just stand and bear the tedious circle of my existence.

By : Tanushree

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest / Rishabh Bhardwaj

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