Still Survived !

By : Tanushree

You left me behind with the broken heart and some regrets that can’t be rectified.

You thought and wished I would die but see I still managed to survive!


How To Survive ?


When you are quite and calm,
People tend to misuse your silence.

When you start fighting for your rights,
People tend to call you provocative.

Is there any other way to be happy and satisfied,
Or there are only two options to survive :

Fight Or Quite !!

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Don’t Fake It !


When I notice that people around you are just faking it all,
I choose to change my path.

When I realise that every bit of emotions shared by them was bogus,
I choose to not to believe in them.

I don’t undersatnd why people need to create a wall of lies,
When you don’t have the courage to face your own devil side.

Stop fighting your own battle by taking somone else shoulder,
Don’t make a fool of someone who has always tried to support you every moment !

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Veracity !!


Have you ever faced your inner demon?
Have you ever listened to your heart’s voice?

Is it always important to take the side of the successor?
Is it not crucial to stand with the right person and break the monotony?

Is every time saving yourself from a complex situation becomes main criteria?
Is conveying the truth doesn’t give you an unforgettable satisfaction?

Well, I believe that speaking the truth, instead of hiding from an intricate situation gives you delightful feeling and a peace of mind that definitely beats all the other criteria and makes you a feeling of bliss!!
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