Still Survived !

By : Tanushree

You left me behind with the broken heart and some regrets that can’t be rectified.

You thought and wished I would die but see I still managed to survive!


One Mistake To Undo!

By : Tanushree
Loving someone is a divine feeling,
You get intimate, You love to talk to him,
You share every bit of you,
But when on 1 bright day,
Whole world was celebrating the arrival of
New hope, New opportunities, New Happiness,
We shared anger on such a stupid note,
We let our happiness ruin because of one statement,
You would have accepted my first apology,
You would have hugged me and sorted out.

But you choose to walk away from the situation ,
And left me alone to handle my emotions,
I wish you could have understood the importance of the day,
But you left me crying all the day.

That moment my soul was shouting but I can’t,
Because the house was in a joyful feel of New Year,
I felt every piece of my broken heart,
But no one was there to collect them and bind them with the thread of love.

An unexpected situation occurred,
A feel of dying passed our mind,
My heart is saying don’t do it,
But my mind said it’s enough now.

Between the fight of heart and mind,
What suffered is the relationship build for so long.

Now there is silence all around,
Now there is unrevealed pain,
Now there is nothing to talk about.

That one moment of anger has taken all the love,
All the care and all the feelings that we had,
But still hope that one sunrise will burn the hatred,
One night will freeze the past,
And we will live again with the hope of loving each other again.


When I’ll Die !


The fights, The sorry’s
The break ups, The make ups.

Looks so adorable and touch your heart,
The daily hiccups in a relation maintains the spark.

But I wonder how I will leave all these,
When my time will come and I have to leave everyone.

My heart pains when I think about this,
It’s not that I am scared of death,
It’s the people and their love which makes me sad.

The agony of life is that I can’t save myself or anyone lose to my heart from this rule of life,
I am scared that when I will die, I won’t be able to see them, hold them, touch them and laugh with them.

Anyways, It’s the end result of breathing,
It’s the restitution which we have to pay to live.

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House Of Terror !!


Home is a place where we come with a mind set that we will receive love, care , affection and will do loads of fun. It’s our comfort zone, where we don’t have to think about who is thinking what or who is doing what. We come home from a hectic schedule and just want to relax.

But does every home has a same story? May be not…..

He was a bright student and use to love his parents like we all do but when he grown up and started understanding things. He noticed that every time when he reach home from school, his mother always cries and hides her face from him. He wondered why she does that every day? Why she never show her face when he come back from school?

Days passed and things never changed. One day he was not feeling well , so his teacher asked him to go back home. He was coming home early and when he reached, what he noticed was beyond his imagination. His father was beating her mother very harshly and she was crying out of pain. He ran and shouted on his father but his drunkard father didn’t listened to him and pushed him away. Her mother was bleeding and it was scars all over her body. He was just a 15 year old boy, he was scared and angry by looking her mother like this. He shouted again and tried to push his father but he was a healthy man. It was a limit now, he took a knife from kitchen and stabbed his father. His mother shouted and hugged his son. His father died at that moment and that was the day their life changed forever.

The home once was his comfort area became the House of dead.

Fool’s Day – Fatal Day


It was the most beautiful day of my life, I was all set to jump on the next stage as a wife. Every thing was looking so perfect, the decorated house, sweets, music, love i was receiving. My heart was thanking god for the moment that was arriving.

It was two days left for our wedding, My beloved would be, called me, I was so happy to see his name flashing on my phone. A hurricane of excitement was running in my blood.

He said come out from your house, his voice was in pain. I literally ran with confusion and worry in my mind. When i opened the door, he was standing right in front of me, his body was shivering and it was blood all over the shirt.

My heart pumped so fast and i could count the beats of my heart. My body was cold and i felt like falling down. The moment he called my name in pain, i got embraced in the arms of death. He hold me and took my name again n again but i was gone. It was the FOOL’S DAY that made my wedding day a life long regret in his life.

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Eternal Love !!


I can still feel your breath,
I can still feel your touch.

I can still feel every moment that we spent,
I can still smell your fragrance on my crushed bed.

Every single thing in my room reminds me of you,
Every single note you left for me, still gives me goosebumps.

Why did you left me alone?
Why didn’t you take me with you?

I am still waiting for you to come back,
I know it’s never gonna happen,

But one day , we will meet in heaven,
One day we will rise again to make it happen.

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