By : Tanushree

I need you so badly,
I want to hold you so closely,
But I am all alone right now.

I want to taste your smile,
I want to laugh loud with you,
I want to do everything that makes us smile.

But you are far away from me,
Come back soon.

As these are my darkest days to live, breath and survive without you.


By : Tanushree

Who wants to live just for money instead for love,
Who wants to spend time on looking at PC instead in the eyes of beloved,
Who wants to answer someone before going on vacations.

We are tolerating it just to earn some penny,
Which can give us the power to live happily.

By : Tanushree

Messing with me is only going to give you pain,
If you think that’s gonna hurt me,
Trust me I don’t care .

So it’s better if you don’t like me,
Try to be distant and safe,
Because people who don’t speak much about their power,
Are strong like hell.

By : Tanushree

I still have a blank space in my heart but I will never write your name.

Because you were right!!
No one can be your friend for a longer period of time.

Either you broke the bond or the person’s heart.
Either you take all his love and run away or you take his soul and let him die anyway.

Stay away from people who cares for you,
Because they are not stupid to fall for you.

One day you will realize,
The things you did is beyond the level of tolerance,
And that day you will start hating yourself.

By : Tanushree

Paint your life with the colors that sooth your soul and give you reasons to smile.

Give yourself a chance to shine bright
By letting your ideas implement instead of hiding.

No one can hold your hand and walk with you on the path leading to success,

You have to be strong to take decisions that can change your life from scratch to precision!!