Why You Came To Go?

By : Tanushree

She wasn’t looking for him,
She wasn’t thinking to get into this love,
But he entered into her life, like an unexpected dew drop in the most dry day.

On One bright day her heart was trying to add words in her mouth,
And those words were:

Hey love! where are you going?
Now that you are on my mind all the time,
Now more than you, I need your love,
I wasn’t waiting for you,
But you passed by,
And now I am liking your fragnance,
Now I am loving your smile,
Now I am liking myself with you,
Now that I am into you,
Now you need to go,
Breaking my heart,
Shattering my soul,
Leaving me all alone.

She shut her mind,
And told her soul,
He was not meant for you that’s the reason he is not with you!



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