Hard To Believe!

By : Tanushree

She was so happy to see him,
He waved and she smiled,
They were childhood friends,
And met after such a long time.

He invited her for a dinner,
She said yes with the shyness in her eyes,
He smiled and she felt that jerk of love.

The night has arrived,
She saw him and he hugged her tight,
Eaten so less out of excitement,
She was wondering he will give her that ring of commitment for life.

He asked her to walk with him,
She felt delighted and free,
While walking he suddenly hold her hand,
And her heart pumped out of her chest,
From nowhere a car came to them,
He smiled but not with that innocence,
They pulled her into the car,
She was tarnished within that car,
Nobody listened her voice,
They were the animal in the body of human.

All the dreams, all the excitement was gone,
She was nothing but a toy of an hour.


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