Memories For Life!

By : Tanushree

I found a flower which was lost inside my favorite book,
It made me smile when i touched it,
Because it was gifted to me by my old friend,
At that moment I loved the memories of my childhood,
Which was buried somewhere inside my heart.
And I again felt like a little child.


What Do You Feel ?

By : Tanushree

I have been thinking of love,
Then I thought of feelings which comes,
When someone hold your hands,
And your heart start beating fast,
Is that love?

Or when someone look into your eyes,
And praise you from bottom of his heart,
Is that love?

Or when someone close to you,
Stops giving you time and the frustration you feel,
Is that love?

Close your eyes and the person you like to dream about every night,
Is the one you will love for rest of your life.

I Want It But Can’t Have It !

By : Tanushree

Yes I have pain in my heart,
Because I have started loving someone,
Who can never be mine.

It’s so hard to see him always,
I try to forget it but it’s getting deeper,
Do I have any other way to get rid of this love,
As I want him to be near me but not with my heart filled with love.

Guest Post – Neha Singh

By: Neha Singh

With him I was building a castle,
The heap of the good times structuring into doors, windows, sides, boundaries and walls.
His words and mine filling therein the voids.

And whenever, we be at odds, a part somewhere tumbel down, later mended with apologies, leaving some marks behind, to vanish with time.

Though the castle was strong,
a day I woke up to see it gone, a giant wave reason for the fall.
There were remains, the wave didn’t took all.
Remains, I tried to build it again.

Slowly Slowly I reached somewhere, I made some.
No doubt the whole will take time but one day it’ll be done.

I’ve tried and mend some, words and apologies.
Voids, there are still. words are all they need to get done and each time the wave come, laughingly questions,
When will he come? Will he come?

Deep Love !

By : Tanushree

When the rays of sun touch your face
The world seems more beautiful.

When your hair dance with the wind,
It takes my breath away as I can inhale your fragrance which is so intense.

Don’t make my heart pump out of my chest,
Let me hold you tight, so that I can feel your every breath.

You And I In The Midnight

By : Tanushree

In the midnight we were standing holding each other’s hands,
You were all blushing and I was embrace you in my arms,
Your smile, your expressions made me shy,
But I never left your side.
It was such an amazing night,
Feeling the love in your arms and in your eyes.