2017 !!

By : Tanushree

When I think about my life in 2017,
Many thinks hit my mind.
My perfect husband
My own blog
My great job
My improved writing skills
My new friends
My old friends still with me
Me feeling emotionally week
Me feeling mentally strong
My healthy parents
Well this year was not as bad as we think it was.

We gained something and lost something but it was worth living..


Don’t Wake Me Up !!

By: Tanushree

My pain is not as bigger as my friendship with you,
You may keep on dagging my back with a knife of betrayal,
But I will keep on bearing it till the time I am not shattered completely.

But the day my stamina will give up,
Is the day your worst time will start.

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Love Myself !

By : Tanushree

The giant spotlight in the sky,
Is focusing on me to get to know the inner me.

But it’s not possible,
Because pure souls are hard to understand.

I get ignored, people avoid me,
But I m standing strong against the world,
As I won’t change the inner me whom I love so much.

Madly In Love

By : Tanushree

When I was walking all alone, I wished you were there with me.
I feel you every hour, every sec, every time I take my breath.

I love you more than is good for me,
But it’s not in my control to control the love I feel.

Your presence never leave me,
I feel you all the time near me.

This distance will end one day,
And I know I will be the happiest when u see you again.

Value It Or Forget It!

By: Tanushree

If your friends doesn’t value your time or care towards them,
Then it’s not even a glimpse of friendship,
Its just everyone is scared to be lonely,
So they make you a part of there daily routine,
But there is no love or care that they feel for you,
It’s just fake smile and gesture of love that makes you feel happy.