Live It Or Leave It ?

By : Tanushree

The one query that has no answer

Is praying to God and scaring all the time with Karma can make it easy to survive?

Or just going with flow and not having any hope can make your life that picture perfect?


Are You Watching Me?

By : Tanushree

Life is taking me to some different journey,
I hope it’s not painful and filled with agony.

My dreams and my goals,
Both depends on the next move I take,
But the thread of my life is in the hand of someone else.

Who run this world and decide our every move,
I wish that God help me too.

To Hold It Or Let It Go – LIFE

By : Tanushree

Life is so unpredictable,
When you think it’s on your side,
You get a punch on your face.

Life is full of agony,
When you plan your move,
It gives a twist to make you see the other side of misery.

But you have to stay strong,
Hold your breath and see other prospect.

There is no road designed to go back,
When you have dreams in your eyes and spark on your face.

It Should Bother Me Or Not ?

By : Tanushree

It was never the success that bothered me,

It was always the feeling of not getting involved which hurt me.

Being one of the main arm of the bole,
Like a human with a soul.

One day I woke up with a shattered soul, like leaves we’re playing it’s role.

A Heart That Broke Without A Note !

By : Tanushree

I was watching my husband kissing someone else,
But I never asked him the reason why he left me in pain.

I saw him holding her hands,
But I never asked him why he betrayed me when I never thought of someone else.

One day he ask me that he want a divorce,
I was happy somehow that he gathered the courage to let me know.

I loved him unconditionally,
But still his heart loved someone else,
I am happy for him, at least I got freedom from this pain.