Festive Mode Is ON !!


Few days in life brings something new,
The new feel of being alive,
The passion to beautify oneself,
The energy to boost all the family members,
The enthusiasm to decorate house,
The love for every person close to you.
Every feeling, every senses arises limitlessly,
And that’s what we call the “Season Of Festivals”

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Togetherness Is What Makes Us Strong!


We get scared taking any right step,
And then regret our decisions.

Why don’t we have the strength,
Courage to stand on our words.

Why do we need a someone else shoulder,
To put our own gun and fight our own battle.

Always remember supporting yourself,
And standing with your people at the time of crisis,
Will never going to disappoint you or regret your decision.

Unity is what makes any impossible thing possible !!

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True Love Always Shine Bright !


If you love her tell her.
Care a lot to show your love.

Be with her, make her your best friend,
Try to share every feelings with her.

Make her feel special,
Support her at every moment.

One day she will be yours forever.

And one day she came to me,
Hugged me for the first time.

Ask me to listen her patiently,
She hold my hand and put her head on my shoulder.

She said I am in love,
My heart was beating too fast.

My nerves were feeling a sensation,
Everything seems so perfect.

I said with whom,
And she replied stupid it’s YOU !!

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Hope Is What Making Me Live More!


Suddenly the flashes of old memories started hitting my head,
Some were worth remembering and some gave me the pain.

Why can’t we forget the bad memories forever,
Why they keep on haunting us when we are on the edge of happiness.

Some incidence are meant to be buried and never shared,
Some circumstances are very hard to bear when they hit your brain without an invitation.

Hope we all get the power to get over the atrocious memories of our life,
Hope they never knock the door of our mind.

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It’s Not Always A Happy Ending !


Love can take you to paradise,
But sometimes it even make you see the hell !!

Think yourself to be the most luckiest person on earth,
If you see heaven in love.

Not every love story has a happy ending,
Not every relationship is everlasting.

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Life Goes On !!


Another goodbye on my list,
Another session of sadness in my life.

A wave of agnoy is going through my soul,
A shadow who is giving me moments to cry,
Is following me every where.

Hope we all will meet one day to cherish the same old memories,
Which has brightened our heart with the most precious relationship –

                                           FRIENDSHIP !!

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Breaking The Wall Of Sanity In Love !


Feeling the pain of being away from you,
Feeling the loneliness I never felt when I was near you.

Your witty smile, Your caring eyes,
Your fragnance, You touch.

Sometimes I feel you near me,
Sometimes I see you in my dreams.

I will be meeting you soon,
Because my sanity is breaking the walls,
And building the tomb of insanity.

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