Better To Trust A Foe !!


I keep on thinking ,
Is it true that people do get effected with my presence ?

I keep on thinking do they really want me that much?

I keep on wondering, can your friends love you so much?
Then when I was accepting this beautiful truth,
And satarted pondering that I am so lucky,
A drop of sadness touched my thought,
Ruined my happiness,
Broke my heart.

People who always make you feel good,
Who always talk sweetly,
Who always makes you realize that you are the most important person in their life,
Actually fake it all.

They do back bitching,
They make fun of you,
They tell people that how foolish you are to trust them.

And what you do is still believe and share all the happiness with them.

Please stop hurting people who are not stupid,
But make you feel the most pure feeling of
Trust and Love !!

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