Disheartened By The Failure!!


If I failed again?
If I get disappointed again?

Will I be able to stand again?
Will I be able to face the world again?

This scary feeling is making me weak,
It’s stopping me from trying,
It’s pushing me back into the darkness.

It’s me now who is sitting in loneliness,
Waiting for some strength and power,
That will boost my morale and make me live again with a spark !!

Photo Courtesy : Google


9 thoughts on “Disheartened By The Failure!!

  1. Beautiful. I don’t know if these questions are meant to be answered, but I will answer them. The answer to them is yes. We are all going to go through something hard, but we will make it through. We must surround ourselves with people who truly love us and support us. They will help us through. So the answers to these questions is yes.

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