The Hollow !!


I am all broken from inside,
I want to hear something good to boost my morale.

Shattered is a very small word to match with my situation,
Ruined is not the right word to even think at this moment.

Oh Lord! come down and pull me out from this situation,
Otherwise I will come to you and then there would be no chance to go back and live again with aspiration.

Photo Courtesy : Pexels


5 thoughts on “The Hollow !!

  1. Amazing way of expressing feelings and use of perfect and effective words…. also awwessome👌👏
    I read somewhere, “God is within us so never ever doubt on your capabilities…. and we’ll get what we’re searching for..” Thanks for your wonderful sharing Keep sharing such amazing writing with us and keep smiling coz smile can help you to keeps mind healthy to capture more good thoughts

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