Flickering Light !!


The splash of happiness came into my life,
As a friend who taught me to live my life.

A girl whose spark always shine my soul,
Whose positivity spreads the joy of living with goal.

One day she insisted me to go out of my shell,
And explore something new that was waiting for me in the other end.

I came back with full of excitement to share my happiness with her,
The moment I entered she was lying on bed with lost hope and depression.

I took her name several times,
Make her move every time,
But I guess she was gone,
And given me her light to sparkle my life. 

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Giving Up Will Screw You Up !


Everything what you see is not true,

Everything what you feel is not real,

Is Every breath you take should always mean anything?

Is Every step you take should always be right?

Well, I don’t know and I don’t care.

The only thing which bothers me is when I stop trying,
Because that’s what matters.

Giving Up Will Never Lift You Up !!

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I Wanted A Real Relationship !


It was never just holding my hand to show fake concern,
It was never about saying I love you all the time.

It was about giving meaning to your feeling,
It was about living together for eternity.

You were just doing it with no sentiments,
You were just living with me for the sake of having a partner.

Everything you did means nothing to me,
Now go and let me live with someone who knows the worth of relationship!

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Better To Trust A Foe !!


I keep on thinking ,
Is it true that people do get effected with my presence ?

I keep on thinking do they really want me that much?

I keep on wondering, can your friends love you so much?
Then when I was accepting this beautiful truth,
And satarted pondering that I am so lucky,
A drop of sadness touched my thought,
Ruined my happiness,
Broke my heart.

People who always make you feel good,
Who always talk sweetly,
Who always makes you realize that you are the most important person in their life,
Actually fake it all.

They do back bitching,
They make fun of you,
They tell people that how foolish you are to trust them.

And what you do is still believe and share all the happiness with them.

Please stop hurting people who are not stupid,
But make you feel the most pure feeling of
Trust and Love !!

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Broken Heart & Shattered Soul


I am not your foe,
I just don’t like you anymore.

I don’t hate you,
I just dont care about you anymore.

I am not surprised,
I am just worried about your statement.

How can someone be so fake,
How can someone be so mean?

You faked your friendship,
And I have given you my heart.

You shattered my soul by betrayal,
And I have made you a part of my existence.

Broken heart and shattered soul,
Can not regain the spark so easily,
It’s never so easy to forget your past just in a click.

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Disheartened By The Failure!!


If I failed again?
If I get disappointed again?

Will I be able to stand again?
Will I be able to face the world again?

This scary feeling is making me weak,
It’s stopping me from trying,
It’s pushing me back into the darkness.

It’s me now who is sitting in loneliness,
Waiting for some strength and power,
That will boost my morale and make me live again with a spark !!

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