Sometimes It’s Better To Say NO !


Why do we have this mind set that,
If we want to be a good person, we can’t say NO to things we don’t like,

Why do we have a thinking that, If a person don’t agree with you,
He is a bad person.

Every human has a right to feel, say and believe as per his feelings,
So why do kind heart people doesn’t have the right to say ‘NO”? 

Photo Courtesy : Unsplash


10 thoughts

  1. I’ve gotten much better at saying “no.” It’s one of those difficult mind issues, that for some, like me for instance, had to deal with–usually, but not always, when with someone special. And that’s the problem. I wanted this “special” lady to want me. I wanted her to see me as “special.” Soooo, I found it difficult to say “no.”

    Of course it was really my problem, my poor vision of my self. She was always more important than I. Her desires were more interesting than mine. Her world was more fascinating.

    It took time, but eventually I became aware of my own “self” as someone who did NOT need someone else to “complete” me, but simply someone to “love” me. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always so.

    Great post. thank you for sharing.

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    • Sometimes you need o say NO my friend.. If your No bothers someone so much than it’s better he/she stays away from you because ultimately you are going to get hurt.. Thank you for liking it, Means a lot ❤

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  2. Yes! I love this
    I often think people get taken aback when someone kind says no – they personalize it
    When actually it’s simply no to the question or idea or thing.. we humans are hard to figure out 😊

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