What Is Love ??


If living together can make your love strong,
Then their would be no word as DIVORCE.

Love is not about living together,
It’s about the quality of moments you are sharing together.

Photo Courtesy : Pexels


Right Or Wrong – Confused!!


People will never cherish your love life,
And will tell you that you have changed your life.

But when you get hurt,
When your heart is broken,
They are the one who are always standing with you at that time.

Now that is confusing me a lot,
Whether it’s a good thing or not?

Help me to solve this puzzle out,
Give some suggestions on what is right and wrong !!

Photo Courtesy : Pexels

Now It’s My Time !!


I am kind of feeling relaxed,
May be now it’s my time to react.

You all have given me the pain,
Now it’s your time to taste the grievance.

Hope you get the power to bear it,
Because trust me it is going to hurt you deep within.

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Get Away !!


I need a break from every person knows me,
I don’t feel like even seeing anyone’s face.

They all are selfish and mean,
They forget everything I did for them.

I feel like a fool now,
I feel I have wasted my time and my love on them.

Screw you all, I won’t even get bothered by your activities,
You clearly don’t deserve my friendship.

One day you will get out and realize that world is full of mean people,
And that will be the day you will realize the value of my friendship.

Photo Courtesy : Pexels