It’s Getting Very Hard To Live With You!

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Sometimes I wonder Why is it so hard to make someone understand your feelings?
Why is it so complicated to make them feel the way you feel?

I am done with explaining you everything,
Now it’s your time to understand or leave.

Stand in my situation and ask your brain to work,
It’s high time I have been dealing with your feeling-less emotions.

It’s high time now to shut your mouth and save myself from this pain,
Goodbye my love because it was just me who always suffered and adjusted.

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest


13 Replies to “It’s Getting Very Hard To Live With You!”

    1. No it isn’t but there is a limit of handling things from one side. So, if it’s not bothering the other person and he/she is acting like nothing happened. So it’s better to leave than to suffer !!

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      1. You will never leave before trying your best.. that’s a very obvious thing.. if you love someone, you will never leave him/her just like that. You will keep on trying but after getting hurt again again in the process of trying, you eventually choose to leave ..

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