Month: June 2017

Broken My Heart !!

BY : TANUSHREE Girl I was in love with you, I made you my life. I gave you my trust, With you I wanted to live my life. But I guess you wanted something else, It’s not your fault to give me this pain….

Not As Easy As It Looks !!

BY : TANUSHREE It’s your decision to move on, It’s your wish to never see me again. But love, I would like to make you aware, That forgetting me is not an easy process !! Photo Courtesy : Google

Get Closer !!

BY : TANUSHREE Just hugging and kissing won’t bring your soul close to each other, But sharing problems and solving them together can bring you more closer. Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

Lost What I Deserved !!

BY : TANUSHREE All my life I have only concentrated on what I want. All my life I have only worked to achieve what I wished for. I cried, I got depressed, I have embraced in the arms of sadness, But still I gathered…

Don’t Screw It Up !!

BY : TANUSHREE Save yourself from screwing your life, By not living in the moment but thinking how it supposed to be !! Photo Courtesy : Google

Grow In Darkness !!

BY : TANUSHREE Sometime you feel like a dead person, Who has been buried in the dark and will never see the light. But actually you have been planted to grow your skills to shine bright !! Photo Courtesy : Google

Stop Flaunting !!

BY : TANUSHREE Arrogance can be ignored, Betrayal can be accepted, Selfishness can be settled, But show off cannot be tolerated. So be real and stop flaunting your assets !! Photo Courtesy : Google

Be Yourself!!

BY : TANUSHREE Be anything, But not predictable. Be mysterious and let people guess. Confuse them and be yourself !! Photo Courtesy : Google

You Still Care !!

BY : TANUSHREE You said you never loved him, Then why do you always talk about him? You said you don’t want to listen his name, Then why in every conversation you bring his name. If you still think about him, If you still…

Overcome Your Fear !!

BY : TANUSHREE May be the life you always wanted is few miles away, You Just need to throw your fear and move on with courage !! Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

Worth It !!

BY : TANUSHREE I don’t want a perfect man, I want a man who value relationship even with imperfection !! Photo Courtesy : Google

You , Me & US

BY : TANUSHREE My perfect holiday doesn’t require a luxurious Destination, It’s just You , Me and our crazy talks, that makes it perfect !! Photo Courtesy : Pinterest