The Escaped Soul !!


You can hide your sin,
You can cheat your mind,
You can hurt your loved ones,
You can betray your love,
But how will you escape from the pain of your soul?

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I Am Who I Am !!


I have heard people saying that I am self obsessed,
If loving yourself is obsession then Yes, I am obsessed.

I have heard people saying that I don’t understand,
If not giving free advice means I don’t understand then may be I don’t understand.

I live a life where bothering others is not my main aim,
I live a life where cajoling is not the path to success.

I do things what is right as per me,
I believe in principles and boundaries created by me.

If I look arrogant then you haven’t seen the real me,
If I look egoistic then you have always met the people with fake identity.

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Unexpected Love !!


It was not my idea to get married to you,
It was not my decision to be wih you.

My parents told me you are best for me,
My heart was still confused to beleive that you are the one for me.

Holding your hands while taking the vows,
I felt that spark in my heart which made me smile for a while.

It was the indication that the love I always wanted for me is you,
It was the feeling of happiness that gave me the sign of joy with you.

Thank you for coming in my life like a hurrican of love,
Thank you for making me feel the beauty of living life with someone you love.

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Not Mine !!


I know you are just a good friend,
I know you will never see me the way I look at you.

I almost convinced myself that you have some different image of love,
I almost overcome the feelings I have for you that is very hard to forget.

Don’t know why I still feel those butterflies when I look at you,
Don’t know what still is remaining in my heart to remove.

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Love !!


For me love is not always getting stick to each other,
For me love is not always being intimate with each other.

Love is cherishing those moments without even staying together,
Love is being close with each other even when you can’t see each other.

Love is a very divine word,
Which should not be used on everyone or for anyone.

Say it when you feel it !!

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Move On !!


Why don’t you move on ?

A very good question or rather a suggestion.

It’s very easy to say this sentence,
But very difficult to implement in your life.

You loved a person from bottom of your heart,
You did everything to make it happen after all.

But what did you get in return is pain and betrayal,
That’s not an easy feeling to get rid of,
It’s not a moment to forget and move on.

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