The Kiss !!


Yes i feel like kissing you right now,
Yes, i have that urge to hug you tight without thinking twice.

But i get worried that may be this kiss will set us apart,
May be after the kiss you will leave me broken like a shattered glass.

How can i trust you so much,
How can i give you my soul.

Promise me you won’t break my heart,
Promise me you will always keep me in your heart.

Take a vow that you will be with me till eternity,
Take a vow that we are forever and you will not leave me ever.

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest


7 thoughts

  1. I am convinced one of the most wondrous and beautiful moments in any human’s life is “the first kiss” of a relationship. It doesn’t guarantee anything…even though we like to think it does. Sigh. Once you have experienced that intimate moment then everything else follows right. along…of course, that’s the problem. People will say anything, do anything, think anything just to get to the sex. And as one girl once told me after she had broken up with the Man of Her Dreams. “Sex changes everything.” And unfortunately, I think she’s right. It may change things in a good. way, but often enough it changes things in a bad way. Still I agree with you on the wonder of kissing. If you find someone who does it the way you like then that alone is a miracle! 🙂

    I wish you happiness and more happiness, dear Tanushree.

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