Is it all about just hanging around in an expensive car?
Is it all about spending time in an expensive decor?

Why do keeping a emotional connection is not enough?
Why does just a rose and a kiss doesn’t define the depth of your love?

Why do you need a surprise gift of an elite brand to smile with joy?
Why do you need a diamond ring to express your loyalty?

How we have created a wall of monetary shine around us.
How we have surrendered our soul in the hands of fame.

Just take a breath and decide is this what makes Love?
Or it’s just a beautiful term that is made to give you a mental satisfaction.

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest


14 thoughts on “Relationship??

  1. Sad that noone understands the concept of love,even if understand they don’t want to ,bec it’s not about happiness all the time,it requires lot of sacrifice as well,people are lookng for flings and enjoyment.

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