Who Will Fill Your Place!!


Hmm!! Don’t know whether i should be happy or sad?
Don’t know it’s making me feel good or more worried about my friend.

Well, I know there will be a change that would hard for me to face,
I know there will be a distance that would be painful for me to accept.

The late night msgs, The late night calls,
I am feeling lonely will you be able to talk?

Hanging around with you, cracking jokes,
Your hands on my shoulder and walking with crazy talks.

I am gonna miss them all,
All those feeling and all those moments.
But still i am happy to see that you have finally got your love,
Who will filled your heart with loads of love.

My friend, don’t forget me,
I am still there if you need me,
I will still be your friend, so what if your priority will change.

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