House Of Terror !!


Home is a place where we come with a mind set that we will receive love, care , affection and will do loads of fun. It’s our comfort zone, where we don’t have to think about who is thinking what or who is doing what. We come home from a hectic schedule and just want to relax.

But does every home has a same story? May be not…..

He was a bright student and use to love his parents like we all do but when he grown up and started understanding things. He noticed that every time when he reach home from school, his mother always cries and hides her face from him. He wondered why she does that every day? Why she never show her face when he come back from school?

Days passed and things never changed. One day he was not feeling well , so his teacher asked him to go back home. He was coming home early and when he reached, what he noticed was beyond his imagination. His father was beating her mother very harshly and she was crying out of pain. He ran and shouted on his father but his drunkard father didn’t listened to him and pushed him away. Her mother was bleeding and it was scars all over her body. He was just a 15 year old boy, he was scared and angry by looking her mother like this. He shouted again and tried to push his father but he was a healthy man. It was a limit now, he took a knife from kitchen and stabbed his father. His mother shouted and hugged his son. His father died at that moment and that was the day their life changed forever.

The home once was his comfort area became the House of dead.


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