Fool’s Day – Fatal Day


It was the most beautiful day of my life, I was all set to jump on the next stage as a wife. Every thing was looking so perfect, the decorated house, sweets, music, love i was receiving. My heart was thanking god for the moment that was arriving.

It was two days left for our wedding, My beloved would be, called me, I was so happy to see his name flashing on my phone. A hurricane of excitement was running in my blood.

He said come out from your house, his voice was in pain. I literally ran with confusion and worry in my mind. When i opened the door, he was standing right in front of me, his body was shivering and it was blood all over the shirt.

My heart pumped so fast and i could count the beats of my heart. My body was cold and i felt like falling down. The moment he called my name in pain, i got embraced in the arms of death. He hold me and took my name again n again but i was gone. It was the FOOL’S DAY that made my wedding day a life long regret in his life.

Photo Courtesy : Google and Me


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