Month: April 2017

Beast !!

BY : TANUSHREE I don’t want to unleash my inner beast. Otherwise you will always be living in a regret. Photo Courtesy : Pinterest Advertisements

Die Or Live !!

BY : TANUSHREE Life has tested me so much, Now i feel like a shattered ash. It’s been a long journey by handling those mess. The bravest thing i have done is being alive, Although i want every day to take my life. Photo…

Age Is Just A Number !!

BY : TANUSHREE Everyone can act mature after the age of 30, but not all have the courage to spread naughtiness around them. Be You, Be Naughty – Age is just a number !!     

The Silence Of Mourning !!

BY : TANUSHREE Rip my heart, Crush my soul. This is the best thing you can do. Shatter my soul, Break my dreams. This is the only wish for me. Tear me apart, Send me to the devil’s dome. This is my suffering to…

Distress !!

BY : TANUSHREE Don’t get sinked in the river of Distress, It’s time to clear the mess to get a better life ahead !! Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

The Love Song !!

BY : TANUSHREE You are my strength, You are my reason to survive. You are my poetry, You are the music of my life. My every moment becomes special, When i am in your arms. My heart sings a love song, When you kiss…

Reason To Stay !!

BY : TANUSHREE Stop running from your mistakes, It’s very easy to say “I Have No Reason To Stay”. Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

Hard To Say Good Bye !!

BY : TANUSHREE You were the best decision i have taken, You taught me many things i can’t even tell. You made me cry, you made me angry, Still you are one of my closest gem. I will miss you every time and will…

Reason !!

BY : TANUSHREE You make me smile, You make me shine. You are the only reason why i still love my LIFE !! Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

The Kiss !!

BY : TANUSHREE Yes i feel like kissing you right now, Yes, i have that urge to hug you tight without thinking twice. But i get worried that may be this kiss will set us apart, May be after the kiss you will leave…

Desires !!

BY : TANUSHREE I am inhaling FIRE & exhaling DESIRES. I need a moment of peace to live those DESIRES !! Photo Courtesy : Pinterest  

I Know You Love Me , But …….

BY : TANUSHREE Love is a very strong word, So do commitment. I know you love me a lot, I know you care for me a lot. But just whispering I Love You in my ears, Won’t make you a person of commitment. There…