The One For Me !!


I was madly in love with you,
I expressed it but you denied.

You told me that it is just an infatuation,
I told you it’s my love that needs your hearts invitation.

You told me i don’t feel that way for you,
I told you that still i love you.

He has gone now to make his own life,
I am still here boosting my spirit and living my life.
It’s been 1 year and suddenly i saw him,
He was coming for me, as he realized it.

I don’t now whether i should be happy or sad,
As there is someone else who hold my hand when i was mad.

He came to me and expressed his love,
Told me that i am the one for him,
I saw him and remembered the one who was always standing with me,
So, i told him that you are perfect but i found the imperfect one , just like me !!

Photo Courtesy : Google


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