Month: March 2017

The One For Me !!

BY : TANUSHREE I was madly in love with you, I expressed it but you denied. You told me that it is just an infatuation, I told you it’s my love that needs your hearts invitation. You told me i don’t feel that way…

Disparity !!

BY : TANUSHREE Every time we meet different people in life. It’s not send by accident but to teach the disparity between the people who can ruin your life and the people who can make your life as beautiful as HEAVEN !! Photo Courtesy…

Mine Forever !!

BY : TANUSHREE     Let me love you, Hold you, Make you feel my love so divine. It’s getting hard to get away from you side, Your fragrance is making me more wild, How much i need you , you have no idea…

Beware !!

Out there you will meet demons with friendly faces and angles will scars !!

Veracity !!

BY : TANUSHREE Have you ever faced your inner demon? Have you ever listened to your heart’s voice? Is it always important to take the side of the successor? Is it not crucial to stand with the right person and break the monotony? Is…

Priority !!

BY : TANUSHREE I choose to go after my dreams and give my survival a meaning. Instead of making unworthy people a priority in my life.   Photo Courtesy : Pinterest  

Emancipation !!

BY : TANUSHREE I know one day ,You will come back And that will be the day of my emancipation !! Photo Courtesy : Google

The Power Of Mind !!

BY : TANUSHREE The race never get paused for you, The fight of survival never gets over for you. It’s you, who need to be strong enough to face it, It’s you who need to empower your strength to win it. As a woman…

It’s Worth It !!

BY : TANUSHREE I want to end it right now and free myself from the pain but then i remember the day i have started it. It’s worth the pain !! Photo Courtesy : Google

Remain Calm !!

BY : TANUSHREE The day you masters in how to remain calm, is the day your life will start turning around the way you wanted to live it !! Photo Courtesy : Pinterest


BY : TANSUHREE I just want to live every emotions, I can experience as a human. Before It’s too Dark to even feel the emotion of my own soul. Photo Courtesy : Pinterest

Tough Time !!

BY : TANUSHREE When everything seems not right, It gives an unbearable pain in your heart. You loved her and she smiles when you cry, She trusts someone who will destroy her life.  I tried to hold you back and make you understand, But…