The One For Me !!


I was madly in love with you,
I expressed it but you denied.

You told me that it is just an infatuation,
I told you it’s my love that needs your hearts invitation.

You told me i don’t feel that way for you,
I told you that still i love you.

He has gone now to make his own life,
I am still here boosting my spirit and living my life.
It’s been 1 year and suddenly i saw him,
He was coming for me, as he realized it.

I don’t now whether i should be happy or sad,
As there is someone else who hold my hand when i was mad.

He came to me and expressed his love,
Told me that i am the one for him,
I saw him and remembered the one who was always standing with me,
So, i told him that you are perfect but i found the imperfect one , just like me !!

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Disparity !!


Every time we meet different people in life. It’s not send by accident but to teach the disparity between the people who can ruin your life and the people who can make your life as beautiful as HEAVEN !!

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Mine Forever !!




Let me love you,
Hold you,
Make you feel my love so divine.

It’s getting hard to get away from you side,
Your fragrance is making me more wild,
How much i need you , you have no idea in your mind.

It’s time to break all the walls and live the life we want,
Come into my arms and make me feel the happiness of being alive.

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Veracity !!


Have you ever faced your inner demon?
Have you ever listened to your heart’s voice?

Is it always important to take the side of the successor?
Is it not crucial to stand with the right person and break the monotony?

Is every time saving yourself from a complex situation becomes main criteria?
Is conveying the truth doesn’t give you an unforgettable satisfaction?

Well, I believe that speaking the truth, instead of hiding from an intricate situation gives you delightful feeling and a peace of mind that definitely beats all the other criteria and makes you a feeling of bliss!!
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