The Unborn


The news of arrival of the new soul in the family creates such an environment in the surroundings that is just unforgettable. The enthusiasm, the planning, the shopping, the extra care every bit of it was giving a special feeling. They were all set to welcome the new member in the family. The to-be father and the to-be mother was feeling top of the world. Mother was enjoying the princess treatment and was collecting all the love in her bucket.

One night she was calmly sleeping with a smile on her face. She was all the time dreaming about her baby. How she will dress her, what toys she would love to play with, how they would plan their first photo shoot. Everything was set in her mind.

Suddenly, she felt some uneasiness, something was wrong. She woke up to check whether everything was alright or not. She was shocked, it was not right. She called every one and went to the hospital for check up. After analysis her for 1 hour, the doctor gave the most unexpected news. She faced a miscarriage. Every dream, every happiness just vanished in a glance. The father was unable to gather the courage to face his wife. But still he went in the room and saw her. She was all broken. A pale face with tears and sadness was looking him. He went and hugged her tightly and said I love you no matter what happened in our life. You are my life and I want your smile more than anything in this life. She cried a lot and asked him to take her home. They went home and saw all the things which they collected for the new born. She whispered and said I will bring you back in my life. No matter how much pain I have to face. I will bring you back my baby.

Photo Courtesy : Pinterest


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